hello you can call me Pri and I do the draws
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I’ve been thinking about this post all day so


got an unexpected day off, so i doodled this baby bird to pass the time ^o^/


all abOARD the seamonkeys ship




this is my explanation as to how luffy got his silly shirt in movie 6

this is exactly how.

Anonymous asked: You DON'T have to have paths in order for your town to look nice. You DON'T have to have all your villagers lined up in rows to make your town neat. You DON'T have to have trees neatly lined up. You DON'T have to have all the popular villagers. You also DON'T have to listen to what other people say about your town. Pastel town? Zen town? Horror town? Do whatever makes YOU happy and DON'T listen to assholes that put you down.


Hazama Masayoshi - Samurai Flamenco ep 9